Magickal Alignment – An Overview of the Series

holy_union_by_ap0str03Welcome to the new series on Sacred Vessel entitled…. Magickal Alignment.  In the coming weeks we will be exploring our energetic and subtle bodies, parts of SELF and the varied protocol that is used to awaken, enliven and inform these.

The goal is one of balance and greater dialogue between all parts of SELF and thus continuous dialogue with what we consider as the Divine. We live in an extraordinarily dynamic time where we can access the scientific research as it interfaces with spiritual and evolutionary practices. And, for those who consciously enter into agreement with working with these new found treasures, the potential is great for fully being present as a Divine being living a manifest existence.

With this approach in mind, these are some of the upcoming topics:

  • The Parts of self/SELF
  • Using The Cosmic & Scientific Principles of Energy to affect Personal Alchemy and Transformation
  • The Energetic Anatomy
  • Developing a (W)Holistic Approach to Energy Work
  • Creating a personal astral Temple of Renewal
  • The Healing Modalities

And more…

Next Post
The Parts of self/SELF

???????????????????????????????Painting: Caitlin Fennelly


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