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Magickal Alignment – An Overview of the Series

Welcome to the new series on Sacred Vessel entitled…. Magickal Alignment.  In the coming weeks we will be exploring our energetic and subtle bodies, parts of SELF and the varied protocol that is used to awaken, enliven and inform these. The … Continue reading

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Sensing the Subtleties: Part Two

Sight (Visual) According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Sight is defined as: the sense through which a person or animal becomes aware of light, color, etc., by using the eyes; the ability to see; and or the act of seeing someone … Continue reading

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Sensing the Subtleties: Part One

The Five Senses Our spiritual work relies on our physical and subtle states of being working co-creatively and collaboratively. We engage the senses in this work continually, but rarely give equal importance to them all. The sense of sight is … Continue reading

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Our Physical and Subtle Anatomy: Part Two

An Overview In the last posting we discussed the mechanics and physiology of our physical form. Now we will consider the components of our energetic and subtle anatomy that surround, interpenetrate, inform and enliven that physiology. Our Subtle or Energetic … Continue reading

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