Magickal Alignment: The Parts of self/SELF

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There are many ways to cultivate a practice of magickal alignment and balance. Some focus on breathing protocol; physical practice; contemplation and meditative techniques; magickal workings; psycho-spiritual analysis and more. One of the key components that will access a deeper level of understanding and therefore deeper experience of these is the work of coming to know the parts of self. This work is invaluable at both the spiritual and personal levels because it is the basic work of learning more about how you respond and react and where those points of origin emanate from.

I have taught many classes about this topic and the thing that I appreciate the most is that the core concepts remain the same but the personal truths that are revealed with each deeper look at these aspects become richer in meaning and lead to yet another phase of exploratory growth.

As we become aware of the trifold nature of our being, we realize that these aspects are present and have their own particular work of processing in everything we undertake. We become more mindful of our actions as we strive to be informed by the Higher Self for the highest good and best outcome. We learn to use the primal instinct and desires of the Lower self to answer the call to justice and advocacy. And, we learn to glean as above, so below to bring to a state of harmony and synthesis our presence in the physical world.

As an introduction to these concepts…

Please read: Truth or Dare: Testing the Triple Soul

The next posts will look at each of these as singular dynamics and their practical application.

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