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Bonus Post: Esoteric Fiction

The mysteries of transition into Sacred Space and the work that can be accomplished in that transformed state are not easily described. The tool of instruction is a viable one, but often lacks the imaginative quality that sets up the … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Sleeping with the Goddess

Image: Caitlin Fennelly Art I twist and turn as the Fates Spin the multicolored threads That are the web of life. Strength and beauty grace my path And Mother’s gaze softens As she looks upon my weaving. I awaken joyous … Continue reading

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Magickal Alignment: The Parts of self/SELF

Image: Caitlin Fennelly There are many ways to cultivate a practice of magickal alignment and balance. Some focus on breathing protocol; physical practice; contemplation and meditative techniques; magickal workings; psycho-spiritual analysis and more. One of the key components that will … Continue reading

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