The Healing Temple


We will begin the next series this week. To get you started, please enjoy my article and pathworking featured on WitchVox this week…

Healing is a topic that comes up frequently as request for magickal working. And, as magickal workers we employ a variety of techniques to answer this call to service and help. Sometimes, it is not quite as easy to rally for ourselves or to even recognize what type of healing we need. You see another in need and can extract the information needed to be of help and narrow down what sort of options, both magickal (and, at times medically) the individual may benefit from. When it comes to our own needs assessment, there is the tendency to under or over play the nature of the situation and if not fully engaged in intention that is clear and objective, we wonder why our best efforts fail to produce the results we are hoping for…..

Read the Complete article and pathworking on WitchVox:

Creating a Healing Temple

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